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Anti-tumor drugs, are highly toxic and highly active materials.

Project description:

Product name: cyclophosphamide monohydrate

Core equipment: Isolator, crystallization tank

Core equipment: Isolator, crystallization tank, agitator nutsch filter dryer and closed conveyor system

Certification standards: US FDA and EU GMP

Process description:


Design feature:

The design of the use of isolator, the overall equipment placed in the D-zone, from the air conditioning system to take the wind control temperature control wet, the whole use of closed feed;

The loading is also carried out using an isolator vacuum feed to the reaction tank, dissolved in an organic solvent, sealed to the crystallization tank, using a flow meter to accurately control the amount of material, and by precisely controlling the addition of frozen water to control the hydrate purpose;

Crystal liquid through the closed transport, the use of closed material out of the material through the use of sealing device out of the isolation device;

After the inside of the barrel is cleaned, the isolator is discharged and the drain is set directly inside the isolator to ensure that the drain is drained and the tank and isolator passing the material are left with the extinguishing agent.