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The project create a high-quality production line of freeze-dried API, which meets the requirements of multi-product production.

Project description:

Product Name: Sulbactam Sodium

Core equipment: Lyophilizer with tilting shelves, automatic barrier/dispensing system, aluminum bucket automatic cleaning and sterilization system

Certification standards: US FDA and EU GMP

Features and advantages:

Symmetrical design, reasonable layout of the plant, saving space, control system integration.

Production streamline layout according to the process of rational design, to avoid the material from the roundabout, to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

The connection between the procedures convenient, fast, adjacent to the next layout. According to the characteristics of the process of key production areas block, partition layout. To ensure that the production operation of a reasonable connection to prevent the raw materials, intermediate products, semi-finished products and finished between the confusion and cross-contamination.

Provide antibiotic raw drug drug curve development / curve optimization / prescription design / process amplification and other services.

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